Graphic Design
Constance Woodman, gryphus {at}

Classroom Materials
InDesign, Flash, Illustrator
120 Collectable cards
12 page coloring book
8 page bug guide & activity booklet

Print Ads

Internship brochure
Travel magazine ad
Newsprint ad

Animation & Interaction
Flash, Photoshop
Climate slider, proof of concept
A.S. motion, layers, filters
Tech. Ed hidden in Halloween!

Videography/DVD Design
Premiere, Encore, Audition, Flash
Puppet building, bluescreen
Animated music video
Image for DVD

Corel Painter, Photoshop, Art Media
Varanus ridiculous
Title page for a report
Digital oil pastels

Object Fabrication
Various media and tools
Digitigrade stilts, articulated jaw
Cast object replica
2 Display sculptures

Canon G9
Anna's blue
Bird in Belize
Mountaintop in fall

Web Work
Viral marketing
Nature center website
Gaming website

Want to see more?
Such as the ED sign and student worksheet to the right? My larger body of work includes large format prints, laminate signs and game pieces, charts, graphs, etc. Contact me to let me know your needs, or I can produce a document for you! 360.341.4099 gryphus{at}